Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport

SAO PAULO VIRTUAL TOUR – Berrini Ave to GRU Airport (4K). It was quite a long journey and the traffic didn’t make it any better. Took as more than 40 minutes to get into the airport as traffic was quite bad. The view from outside the car was beautiful though. #GirlOnGlobalAdventures #GoGA #SaoPauloVirtualTour _____________________________________________________________________________________Stay tunedContinue reading “Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport”


Going home to the Philippines during COVID 19. When the CDC increased the threat level for the Corona Virus to level 4 we had to make a decision. Do we continue to travel as planned or cancel everything and head home to our respective home country. We had a total of 4 international travels pre-booked,Continue reading “GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES DURING COVID”