BEACH WALK IN PRAIA DA DANIELA – FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL #TravelVlog #beachWalk A BEACH WALK ON ONE OF FLORIANAPOLIS BEACHES. Taken January 16, 2021 Traveling during pandemic??? No worries, SAFETYWING INSURANCE covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country – COVID-19 coverage included. CLICK LINK BELOW & SIGN UP NOW!!! Stay tuned as many more blogsContinue reading “BEACH WALK IN PRAIA DA DANIELA – FLORIANOPOLIS, SANTA CATALINA BRAZIL”

Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport

SAO PAULO VIRTUAL TOUR – Berrini Ave to GRU Airport (4K). It was quite a long journey and the traffic didn’t make it any better. Took as more than 40 minutes to get into the airport as traffic was quite bad. The view from outside the car was beautiful though. #GirlOnGlobalAdventures #GoGA #SaoPauloVirtualTour _____________________________________________________________________________________Stay tunedContinue reading “Sao Paulo Virtual Tour – Berrini Ave to the Airport”


Going home to the Philippines during COVID 19. When the CDC increased the threat level for the Corona Virus to level 4 we had to make a decision. Do we continue to travel as planned or cancel everything and head home to our respective home country. We had a total of 4 international travels pre-booked,Continue reading “GOING TO THE PHILIPPINES DURING COVID”


Today we are cooking a Filipino dish called Humba for dinner here in Brazil. Since arriving in Brazil, Nova has been craving familiar flavors and so she decided to cook Humba and Afritada. Here’s a video tutorial documenting how she cooks her humba and afritada. The list of ingredients is listed at the end ofContinue reading “COOKING FILIPINO DISH IN BRAZIL | HUMBA & AFRITADA”

Kuta Lombok, Better Than Kuta Bali???

Kuta Lombok, Indonesia one of the popular travel destination in Indonesia. We spent a weekend there and it has proven to be way better than Kuta, Bali. And it is nearer to the Gili Islands than Bali. June 2018 I had my long straight hair turn into dreads to tick off one of my bucketContinue reading “Kuta Lombok, Better Than Kuta Bali???”

Traveling Solo In India: It Was Scary

My FIRST TIME TRAVELING SOLO IN INDIA and it was scary, but I eventually got the hang off it as the day progressed. I had to travel from Goa to Bangalore to exchange Linsey’s old work laptop for a new one. To make matters worse, I am on a time-crunch. Very minimal time in betweenContinue reading “Traveling Solo In India: It Was Scary”

Exploring Maldives – Budget Travel In Maafushi

Traveling the Maldives on a budget in Maafushi island. The Maldives has been placed on a pedestal yet not a lot of people visit this country because they believe it to be expensive, but that is a misconception. It is possible to travel and enjoy the Maldives even when you’re on a budget. We stayedContinue reading “Exploring Maldives – Budget Travel In Maafushi”

Crashing a new years eve party in jaipur

Celebrated the new year in India and it was totally fun! Celebrating the new year in Jaipur and it was fun! Initially tried to organized a private party for the new year’s eve celebration on Couchsurfing but if fell through, we ended up CRASHING a house party in Jaipur. Met some awesome and fun-loving people,Continue reading “Crashing a new years eve party in jaipur”

Yogyakarta-Gateway to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple; things you need to Know

In our recent trip to Java, we had a litte stop in the city called Yogyakarta. It is (often called “Jogja”) the capital city of Indonesia‘ Special Region of Yogyakarta. As the only Indonesian royal city still ruled by a monarchy,  it is located in the island of Java known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. ItsContinue reading “Yogyakarta-Gateway to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple; things you need to Know”