Nusa Penida, Indonesia – A Travel Guide To A perfect Gateaway

You were a dream once, now you’re a memory. Nusa Penida, Indonesia is an island in the southeastern side of Bali separated by Badung Strait . It is a part of district of Klungkung Regency that includes the neighbouring small island of Nusa Lembongan . Head on to my YouTube channel for travel videos –Continue reading “Nusa Penida, Indonesia – A Travel Guide To A perfect Gateaway”

Filipina Traveling to indonesia: Tips and Helpful Information

Check list below for helpful website you can check for reference if you plan to visit Indonesia: VISAS YOU NEED FOR BALI & INDONESIA – provides details about necessary visa needed depending on length of stay, how much and requirements PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT – provides detail on how to process for international drivers license,Continue reading “Filipina Traveling to indonesia: Tips and Helpful Information”

Mount Kapayas: You Took My Breath Away

Ill be honest, I dont really go trekking or climb mountains a lot but when I do, I always see to it to make the best out of it. I may not be a professional climber but I do know the basics and I always practice safety. In this particular adventure thou, I was luckyContinue reading “Mount Kapayas: You Took My Breath Away”

Cabilao Island Adventure – First Of Summer 2017

One of the most popular island of Bohol is Cabilao Island, It is located in the western portion of the main island and along Cebu Strait. It is one of the smaller Philippine Islands, and approximately 8 square kilometers where a peaceful community lives. What is more facinitating about this island is actually lies beneathContinue reading “Cabilao Island Adventure – First Of Summer 2017”

Exploring Aguinid, Dao, Binalayan Falls : Travel Guide To The Hidden Gems of Samboan, Cebu

Samboan is an abbreviation of the word sinamboang, which was a ritual dance performed by the people of the village.  Samboan, a small town on a hill. But it used to be very much bigger, with Oslob and Alegria under its territorial jurisdiction. In fact, people of Alegria were made to render forced labor for the constructionContinue reading “Exploring Aguinid, Dao, Binalayan Falls : Travel Guide To The Hidden Gems of Samboan, Cebu”

Bais City – Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar Escapade : How To Go There and How Much

Third and last day of our Negros Oriental trip, this time we are headed to  Bais, Negros Oriental.  Economically speaking, Bais City is known to be the largest producer of raw sugar in Negros Oriental, the city gives credit to Central Azucarera de Bais for bringing progress to the place. But for a traveller like myself, Bais City is famous for dolphinContinue reading “Bais City – Dolphin Watching & Manjuyod Sandbar Escapade : How To Go There and How Much”

Product Review : Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Pack

Here I am again to do a product review on the dry bag I purchased from I bought it over 6 months ago and I have been using it in every outdoor activity I engaged myself into. Same as before, I will be basing my review  on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, DurabilityContinue reading “Product Review : Outdoor Research Ultralight Dry Pack”

Going Solo in Dumaguete City : Featuring My Wanderlust Self

Day 1 – April 2, 2015 (Thursday) During the Lenten break, I had a little trip to Negros for a series of adventure in several parts of the island. But the main reason for my travel though, was to visit Apo Island. I had plenty of slack time during the first day which gave me enough timeContinue reading “Going Solo in Dumaguete City : Featuring My Wanderlust Self”

Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian

Summer time it is! And there’s no better way to enjoy the summer than spending it under the sun by the beach. Early Sunday morning, I was awaken by a consecutive honking right outside our house. I was delighted to see my two cousins in their pick-up, Our itinerary for the day road trip and beachContinue reading “Unexpected Road Trip : Grandeur Beach – Lambug, Badian”

Product Review : Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker

For a while now I am into buying stuff from Amazon that I usually use during my travels and adventures, mostly practical items. A traveller’s necessities. Today I am reviewing Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker,  basing on seven (7)  factors ; appearance, Packaging, Functionality, Durability or Quality, Convenience, Sound, Cost, Over-all Rating. Product Name: Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker DistributedContinue reading “Product Review : Jam Plus Bluetooth Speaker”